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Services offered by CFI

NPA Management and Resolution Services

One time settlement or OTS is a type of compromise settlement executed by the banks in order to recover non-performing assets (NPAs). It is a settlement where the borrower (defaulter) proposes by paying and amount lesser than the original dues however, banks also agree to accept the one –time payment.

As suggested by the Reserve Bank of India, every bank must have a loan recovery policy that is responsible for negotiations and settlement of NPAs.

CFI has been offering Debt resolution services to banks with the following benefits

  • Prompt and speedy recovery of loans and advances
  • A noticeable increase in liquidity
  • Easy flow of funds that promotes a continuous lending process.
  • The expertise of OTS in different sectors

Our strategy is to follow the RBI guidelines to settle bad loan accounts considering the current financial condition of the borrower.

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance is required in many forms and at various stages, for obtaining guidance and resolving disputes in courts, tribunals, or other authorities. The explosion of population and factors influencing the community has resulted in an increase in litigation in courts and other forums. Therefore, the demand for a competent professional with expertise in law is required in many stages for a cordial legal procedure. We, at CFI, consider every case as a potential opportunity which is to be settled to the best of our clients’ interest.

Auctions & Stockyards

An auction is the event of a sale by letting potential buyers place competitive bids on assets or services either in an open or closed format. Over the years CFI’s has been facilitating auction sales successfully which has led us to be connected with the buyers who make investments on distress sale.

Our Auction services include;

  • Drafting and publication of legal notices under SARFAESI Act, 2002 and meeting all the specifications
  • To conduct a comprehensive inventory inspection and appraisal of assets
  • Notifying the auction to public through Print Media and Electronic Media
  • Managing a well-organized auction and ending it successfully
  • Detailed cataloguing of property
  • To compete all the documentation required to entitle the transfer and put a closure to the deal.

We have our own online auction portal BANKNILAMI to ease out the process of auctioning of an asset of the Bank.

Forensic Investigation / Audit

A forensic audit or investigation is an examination and evaluation that is put to a firm’s or individual’s financial records to drive evidence that can be used in a legal proceeding. Our Forensic accountants are trained to deal with the business reality beyond the numbers.

CFI’s impressions for its Forensic Accounting Services are;

  • Combining financial accounts with an investigative approach to discover financial crimes.
  • High level of involvement in legal issues.
  • Explanation of the financial crime’s nature to the courts if needed to be followed by reporting guidelines.
With the team of our expert Chartered Accountants, we specialise in Forensic audits.


Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest’s objectives are summarised

  • Efficient or rapid recovery of non-performing assets (NPAs) of the banks and FIs.
  • Allows banks and financial institutions to auction properties when the borrower fails to repay their loans.

SARFAESI was circulated –

  • To regulate securitization and reconstruction of financial assets
  • Enforcement of the security interest
  • Matters connected therewith or incidental thereto

 Role under SARFAESI Act

  • Securitization Of financial Assets and issue of security receipts
  • Reconstruction of financial assets
  • Enforcement of Security Interest
  • Act as an agent of banks or FIs for recovery